What I Almost Cannot Put into Words

***Warning, may get deep…***

So why the constant talk about animals and veganism? Though I promise that is not all bwildlywell is about, it is for sure at the heart and soul of what I care about and I think it may be time to dive a bit deeper in to tell you why.

If you haven’t already read the stories of my health struggles, please take a look (My Colitis Diagnosis, The Medicine Game). As part of the journey to get myself well again, experimenting with my diet was one of the most successful strategies I took. Though extreme, I was lucky looking back now, in the sense that my body would literally (and pretty rapidly) tell me what it did and DID NOT like. It never liked meat and though I did like (cow) dairy at the time, it never ever sat well within me. When researching a lifestyle that I could thrive on with none of that, veganism was introduced to me, largely through my own research and social media. I also had a life-long friend who was vegetarian for most of her life and she helped introduce me to some new food choices (she is now vegan as well).

For the vegans you know where this may go next, for those who are not, hopefully this helps you understand where my mission stems from and why I am so passionate about sharing the plight of animals as part of conscious wellness.

You see when you go vegan, many common human ignorances are washed away, you see and know A LOT more about what is in your food and more importantly where it comes from and how it gets to your plate. The things you see and gain knowledge about literally tear at your most inner soul, and if it doesn’t I’d question your humanity. The problem is most people like the idea of NOT knowing. I can’t tell you how many people have said to me “I love animals” “I don’t want to know” “I can’t watch” “don’t show me that” “they are here for us to eat” etc. etc. etc…However, for me, this knowledge raised my level of my awareness about no matter how small I may think I am in this world, I can make a difference in the lives of not only animals but the planet and therefore ALL beings.

…Come on…Think about it… How fucking rock-star is that?

What more are we meant to do in life than leave people, animals, and the world better than we found them by being the absolute BEST version of ourselves? And for me (and I hope most people) that’s causing the LEAST amount of harm that I can in my lifetime. So for me the change was easy, I can’t look at a dead piece of someone on my plate and be ok with that way of living, I choose love every single time I eat, every time I buy a product and that has altered my thinking of the world around me, the value in myself, the value in the life I was given to DO SOMETHING with, something that matters.

You see, I began to research on my own, learn about my body and how it needed to be nourished, how other beings were being treated, the health benefits of my new diet and the horrors of my former one and no matter what had happened to me before physically, mentally or spiritually, I began to think on my own about all that was happening around me and the power to change my health and my world began to emerge within me. There has been no more powerful source of happiness than this journey for me and I can’t help but try to share it. Do you blame me? You see once I learned to love every single other living being, I learned how to love myself! (That self-love stuff brings you to a whole other level). Perhaps a post on that soon.

And it’s not just about eating animals, it’s also about the testing on them we do for the products we use EVERY SINGLE DAY. We use animals to test on EVERYTHING that doesn’t say “cruelty-free.”

Do me a favor, go and look at some common household items you use everyday, see if even ONE of them says “cruelty-free” (or has the leaping bunny logo on it). Look at soap, shampoo, conditioner, bathroom cleaner, dish soup, baby powder, baby shampoo, window cleaner, tile cleaner, perfume, lipstick, eye shadow, hairspray, mousse, mascara, foundation, face wash, toner, makeup remover, nail polish, nail polish remover, your boots, your coats, your scarf…yes, everything.

If it’s not cruelty-free, these products and the chemicals that make them up are poured into the eyes or open wounds of dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, rats, and mice to see how much it takes for toxic levels to be reached, meaning these animals SUFFER IMMENSELY before they succumb to these tests and ultimately die. No, you didn’t read that wrong DOGS and CATS are used in animal testing, in some of the most horrific experiments you could ever imagine. And EVERY time you buy a product that isn’t cruelty-free, you’re paying for these acts of horror to happen.

So talking about animals was and is an avenue not only to saving them, but for saving myself. My health improved leaps and bounds, my idea of love elevated, my purpose shined through, I found spirituality stronger than I ever had before. Saving beings who cannot speak and save themselves made me a better human and made me whole. It allowed me to discover the deepest spaces of my soul and how I wanted to elevate higher to do better.

I apologize if this is super deep, but I warned, you didn’t I? So, why would I feel this good and not want to help others make those same connections and blow the doors open to their own souls that maybe they haven’t found the keys for quite yet?

MOST of us love animals AND believe that animal cruelty is wrong… which ALSO means, MOST of us already believe in veganism. I haven’t met many people who would scoff at the idea that animal cruelty is wrong, but do we really love animals and ourselves if we kill them at mass and consume their rotten body parts or secretions, which have been studied and proven to cause most of the diseases that mankind as a whole suffer and die from?

Why? When you don’t have to?

Why? When you could feel better?

Why? When you can cure disease?

Why? When you can save animals (arguably the most innocent life forms on this planet)?

Why? When you can save the planet from dying?

Why? When you can save you?

What else in life do you want to accomplish before you leave this earth other than any of those things? Think about it.


I’ve never felt more alive, happy, full of purpose and hope for the future than this day, right now, because veganism led me here and it was an avenue as an animal lover that changed my entire life. Some people may read this and still think I’m out of my mind, I’m overly sensitive, and too idealistic. Well all I can say to that is, only by going out of your mind do you come to your senses.

Peace and Love my friends. And as always, thanks for listening.


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