My Bout with Cystic Acne

Cystic acne: happens when an infection brews deep within the skin, creating a red, tender bump that’s hard and full of pus. It may hurt or itch, but does not come to a head like most pimples.

I had never had an acne problem before. When I was in middle school and everyone was breaking out while going through puberty, I was scot-free, never a pimple in sight. I was always very lucky in that area.

Then, at age 22, it all changed. It started with one really red, rock-like pimple, that I was unable to pop. Then over a few weeks more would pop up before I could get rid of the last one. Each one, because they were so deep within my skin took weeks to heal and would always leave behind a dark scar. I turned immediately to pro-active thinking it was a miracle-worker only to find out that it would make things worse. It dried out my skin so much that it was starting to crack and even bleed in places. And it was doing absolutely nothing to my pimples. Why was this happening to me?!

Perhaps it was all those years of being on and off prednisone, that’s all I could really think about. I wasn’t doing anything different than when I had amazing skin. Although, now in hindsight, I was in college and my diet was probably the worst it had ever been, i.e. lots of pizza, grilled cheese, take out, limited, if any whole foods and veggies.(This was all well before going vegan. AND this is important because if you know anything about the hormones found in dairy, you know they are too large for the human body to know what to do with, because well dairy is meant for 500 pound baby cows and all, so they have to come out of us some way and one way is acne.)

Either way, at the time, I began to try everything under the sun. Neutrogena grapefruit scrub, Biore, Clinique, Ole Henriksen, anything I could find at the drug store or Sephora.

Somethings would help for a little while but the cysts would always come back. I decided in 2015 to go to a dermatologist and when that didn’t work I tried a med spa. Over the next year I was prescribed:

Doxycycline (antibiotic)
ZO Medical by Dr. Obagi Acne Protocol
Retin-A Cream
Spironolactone (used to regulate hormones)

It’s safe to say I was at my whit’s end and still seeing very little progress to the most painful and confidence-destroying acne I’d ever experienced. I was finally asked if I wanted to go on Accutane, and that’s when I started to do my own research for a more mild, gentle, and perhaps natural remedy.

I came across what would be my face-saver and 100% all-natural cure, Secretly Obvious. I read the website and looked over testimonials for at least an hr. What did I have to lose? I saw people cured from this with wayyy worse acne than I had.

So, I reached directly out to the owner, I sent pictures of my skin and asked what he recommended. He said I’d benefit greatly from the acne wash, oil, and butter. I know what you’re thinking, “You’re going to put oil on your face to make it better?!” I was skeptical too, but this is not any oil these are all-natural plant-based essential and carrier oils, 100% pure, no fillers. It doesn’t just sit on top of the skin and clog pores, it is formulated to be exactly what your skin is craving to heal and thrive, it absorbs with no oily residue and feels incredible. Within WEEKS this time my skin began to clear and within 4-6 months I was not only pimple and cyst-free but I had maybe 1 to NONE returning each month.

I am now happy to say I moved on to the anti-aging and rejuvenation products and no longer deal with pimples of ANY kind, other than your normal one when that time of month hits, but even then, it’s not every month that something will pop up, sometimes I’m pimple free then too! I mean look at that before and after, that’s nature speaking for itself. No chemicals, no foreign products my body doesn’t recognize, just all natural oils and a bar of soup.

Remember that our skin is the largest organ of the human body, what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our bodies. What we choose can make all the difference.

I’ll do another post to outline the products I use in more detail. Stay tuned!


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