The Journey Here…

Ok so, this is happening. It’s August 12, 2017, a Saturday night at 9:39 P.M. (I wrote this ahead of time, had to.). BTW this is so typical, I’m the girl burning incense every night, in bed by 9PM, dreaming about what the world should really look like, the ideal if you will, and wondering if I’m doing enough to be the change. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t completely nerve-wracking all while at the same time feeling like one of the most important moments of my life…

Welcome to my blog, B Wildly Well.

This is a place I plan to share a lot of things about me you may not know or understand. But have no fear, this will not be “All About Me”. This is about my journey to optimal health, to cure a painful disease I had been suffering with for over a decade, and to share the knowledge I’ve learned along the way and continue to learn as I strive to fulfill my passions to be naturally healthy, free of disease now and in the future, and to impart what I’ve learned, on other people in one safe space. I want this to be a place full of honesty, hope, helpfulness, love and hopefully some laughter too, so that perhaps what I’ve learned can work for you, or a friend, or someone you know struggling with health issues similar to mine.

I do not claim to be a doctor, but what I have learned, and experimented with, and used has changed my life in more ways than one, so I hope by sharing it can help others too. I want this to be a place not just for me to speak one way to you, but a place to share what we’ve all experienced and gone through, a place to help each other feel better and be healthier, through some-my-say more unconventional ways.

Why do this now at the age of (almost) 29? There’s been something stirring inside of me since I’d honestly say before I decided on a college major (10 years ago, EEK!). I remember not knowing at all what I specifically wanted to do, but knew I wanted to help… Yes, help period. Help people? Help animals? Help spread peace? Help the environment? Help those I knew? Help those I didn’t know? … I couldn’t tell you. I just knew I wanted to do something that mattered, something that did some good in this world.

Well, that sounded all well and good but what major was that going to equate to in college? I’m sure you could think of better ideas than I did because, I chose pharmacy. Yep, I quickly gathered that as a newly diagnosed patient of Ulcerative Colitis, taking 16, yes sixteen pills a day, 8 twice per day, I wanted to be the one doling out the drugs. Ok no no, that came out wrong. I wanted to be the one helping others needing that many pills a day, take them safely and stay healthy and understand the reactions that may happen with other meds or even foods. It was a connection I made with a major to what I was experiencing so newly diagnosed and trying to understand how I’d have to do this insane amount of pill taking for the rest of my life, just to feel OK, not good, not healthy, but ok.

How awful does this plan sound? As I’m going over this I’m like Britt, really? This is so uninspiring, but that’s what I did. (I also heard pharmacists make a ton of money, and chemistry came natural to me, so that helped). CLEARLY that wasn’t my passion. I never became a pharmacist, I got an associate’s degree in print journalism and a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism with a minor in marketing and communications. Again, what?! (Hold, this will make sense in a minute, crazy how life works.)

My first job out of college was to build the first ever social media presence for Hanscom Federal Credit Union. I was a financially savvy social-media guru. Then I bounced to a tech start-up to run their email marketing strategy, and now I’m at a very successful business and legal resource company running

marketing for over 400 live webinars and 5 conferences per year. (I’m snoozing too) Again, nothing I’m passionate about happening here…

Well this is where the connections happen. I wanted to help people – went to school to do so – ended up with degrees in communication and the many forms of it – decided I still can help people – I can write – I can market – and I can share a story and information I know a ton of other people can relate to – and here I am, starting a blog (See how all the madness came together? We can talk about how much that cost me later).

This is where I can do what I’ve always dreamt of doing, my own way, in my own words, through my own experiences, helping other people feel better, cure illness or ailments, or just shitty mind-sets. You see I’ve been passionate about using what I care about to help others for a while now, and I’ve decided that I’m not just going to settle for what I thought I was supposed to do with my life because I hadn’t figured it out at the age of 18 picking a college major. I’m not going to sit back anymore and dream of “doing what I’m passionate about” (Shout out to my beautiful sister who has heard me say that for perhaps the last 10-12 years without actually, doing much about it.). Well now I am, I’m fanning the flame I have inside and taking a gamble on it actually meaning something to others.

I’m going to share what’s been critical to my health and happiness, hoping it sparks others to do the same. Try something different, think outside the box about health, don’t think you’re stuck with one way to just feel ok, you should feel your best. I refused to accept that 16 pills a day was the right thing for me among many other things. So, don’t sell your health short.

I didn’t think that there was anything out there that would fill this need for me in the way I envisioned it, (I’m sorry I’m so excited guys) but this may just be it! Care to join me to find out?




One comment on “The Journey Here…”
  1. Tori Chartrand says:

    Reading this brought tears to my eyes! I am SO exited for you and will always stand right beside you supporting you as my friend ♥️ Your wealth of knowledge and experiences will help so many 🙏🏼


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